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About Asgarth's Vanguard
Asgarth's Vanguard is a thirteen year old guild that was started in 2001 to play Dark Age of Camelot. Since then we have grown, morphed, adapted and maintained connection through a multitude of games and expansion packs. In 2004 the majority of us moved from DAoC to World of Warcraft. Many of the original AV players explored other games including Star Wars The Old Republic, Age of Conan, EVE Online, Guild Wars, and quite a few more. However, AV has always had a central "home game". Until now, that game was DAoC, then World of Warcraft. Once again, it is time for growth and change. Asgarth's Vanguard will now roll Aldmeri Dominion to serve Queen Ayrenn in the epic new Elder Scrolls Online.

We welcome mature, intelligent, players who enjoy a relatively drama free gaming atmosphere. We enjoy the game and like to have fun while also playing smart, staying up to date on game mechanics, and helping eachother progress through content and PVP. Join us for the next chapter in the AV story...

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